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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WELCOME! Mental Health/Disability Services of the East Central Region (ECR) is nine counties in Iowa working together to offer services to individuals with mental health needs. 

 Map of ECR Counties.JPG

**** START TIME JULY 7th 1:30 PM ****

The next regular Regional Governing Board meeting will be held at 1:30 PM on July 7, 2016 at the Jean Oxley Public Service Center, 935 2nd Street SW Cedar Rapids IA 52404.

Regional Governing Board Meeting Agendas:

RGB 6.2.16 agendaFp.pdf

RGB 5.5.16 agenda Fp.pdf

RGB 4.7.16 agenda P.pdf

RGB 3.3.16 agenda.pdf

RGB 2.4.16 agenda P FF.docx

RGB 1.7.16 agenda.pdf

RGB 12.3.2015 agenda.pdf

RGB 11 5 2015 agenda.docx

RGB 10.1.2015 agenda.docx

RGB 9.3.15 agenda.REVISED.d​ocx

RGB 9.3.15 agenda.attchmts.pdf
RGB agenda 8.6.15R.pdf

RGB agenda 7.2.15 revised.pdf

RGB agenda 7.2.15.pdf


Regional Gove​rning Board Meeting Minutes (draft until approved at following meeting):

6.2.16 RGB minutes.pdf

5.5.16 RGB minutesF.pdf

4.7.16 RGB minutes.pdf

3.3.16 RGB minutes.pdf

2.4.16 2.11.16 RGB mtg.pdf

RGB 1.7.16 minutes FD.pdf

12.3.15 RGB mtg.pdf

RGB mtg 7.2.15 FF.docx

RGB mtg 8.6.15.pdf

RGB 9.3.15 minutes.pdf

RGB 10.1.15 minutes.pdf

RGB 11.5.15 minutes.pdf

RGB RCF Study Committee Agendas:

RGB 6.2.16 RCF study cmtee agenda (2).pdf

RGB 5.5.16 RCF study cmtee agenda FBdP.pdf

RGB RCF Study Committee Minutes:

6.2.16 RCF study cmtee minutes.pdf

5.5.16 RCF study cmtee minutes.pdf

Regional Advisory Committee Meeting Agendas:​

Agenda July 7 2016.doc

Agenda June 2 2016.doc

Agenda May 5, 2016.doc

Agenda April 7 2016.doc

Agenda March 3 2016.doc

Agenda February 4, 2016.doc

Agenda January 7 2016.doc

Agenda December 3 2015.doc

Agenda November 5, 2015.doc

Agenda October 1 2015.doc

Agenda September 3,, 2015.doc

Agenda August 6, 2015.doc

Agenda July 2, 2015.doc

Regional Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes:

Minutes June 2 2016 2.doc

Minutes from May 5 2016.doc

Minutes April 7, 2016.doc

Minutes March 3 2016.doc

Minutes 02 04 2016.docx

Minutes January 7 2016.docx

Minutes of December 3 2015.doc

Minutes 11 05 2015.docx

Advisory Minutes of October 1 2015.doc

Minutes from September 3 2015.doc

Minutes from August 6,, 2015.doc

Advisory Meeting Minutes for July 2 2015 (3).docx

​​​​ECR Adult and Family Peer Committee Agendas:

ECR Peer Agenda 5 5 2016.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 4.7.2016.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 3-16.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 2-16.pdf

ECR Peer Agenda 1-16.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 11-15.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 9.15.docx

ECR Peer Agenda 7.15.docx

​​​​ECR Adult and Family Peer Committee Minutes:

Adult and Family Peer Support Committee Minutes - 2016 June.doc

Adult and Family Peer Support Committee Minutes - 2016 April.doc

Adult and Family Peer Support Committee Minutes - 2016 March.doc

Adult and Family Peer Support Committee Minutes - 2016 February.doc

Adult and Family Peer Support Committee Minutes - 2016 January.doc

​​ECR Learning Community Agendas:

What is a Learning Community.docx

6-23-16 Invitation (003).docx

ECR LC 6-23-16 Agenda.docx

ECR Learning Committee Agenda for 02-11-2016.docx

ECR LC Steering Agenda 9.15.docx

ECR LC Steering Agenda 7.15.d​ocx

ECR LC steering final 6.15.pdf

​​ECR Learning Community Minutes:

ECR LC Steering Minutes 6-18-15.docx

ECR Gaps in Services Sub-Committee:

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps June 20, 2016.docx

Minutes Sub Committee Gaps June 20 2016.docx

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps May 16 2016.docx

Minutes ECR Gaps subcommittee 5-16-16.docx

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps April 18, 2016.docx

Minutes Sub Committee Gaps April 18 2016.docx

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps March 21 2016.docx

Minutes Sub Committee Gaps March 21 2016.docx

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps Jan 2016.docx

Minutes Sub Committee Gaps Feb 8 2016 Minutes.docx

Agenda Sub Committee Gaps Dec 2015.docx

Minutes for Dec 21 meeting.docx

Please feel free to contact any of the coordinators listed on the left side of the Contact us ​page with any questions you may have.


​If you need to apply for services, please see the Contact us page.



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